The O'Chiq "Eco-Planter" gardening systems featuring a hydro wick that keeps soil perfectly hydrated, eliminating the need to water your plant each day. This kit includes everything you need to get started. Follow the simple steps in the Use & Care Instructions to grow and harvest your own fresh, home-grown herbs without the hassle. Enjoy!


The O'Chiq "Eco Planter" 64oz is handmade with 100% Natural, Recylced and Upcylced Materials:

• Upcycled Ball® Wide Mouth 1/2-Gallon (64 oz.) Glass Preserving Jar

• Recyled 4 Prong Wick

• Upcycled Mesh Net Pot


The oChiq "Eco Planter" 64oz is also large enough to feature fish*


Note*: Specific plant and fish combinations are required to maintain your O'Chiq "Eco Planter" if you choose to do so. Please research your combinations and possibilities before purchasing. We've found that Betta Fish and Golden Pythos work the best, but we encourage you to responsibly discover other combinations of fish and plants that benefit both! Fish not included.


O'Chiq "Eco-Planter" 64oz